Check Engine Light
If your check engine light illuminates on the dashboard lets plan to get your Porsche in the shop soon. If your check engine light is blinking please do not continue to drive your vehicle. Simply give us a call and we will arrange getting your vehicle safely to the shop. This light is connected to your engine’s computer system and records a fault specific to the problem at hand. Getting your vehicle issues diagnosed is crucial to protect your car and your safety.
    Check Engine Light and Vehicle Diagnostics
    When a check engine light illuminates it’s sending a message that action needs to be taken. Modern Porsches are equipped with many sensors and can often let you know that things are starting to go wrong before damage occurs. The onboard vehicle diagnostic sensors in your Porsche form a complex network. Interpreting their output takes experience.
      Common causes of check engine lights
      Error lights can mean something as simple as a loose gas cap or they may indicate that there is a serious problem with your engine. Some of the most common causes of check engine lights include:
        • Loose fuel cap and/or faulty fuel cap seal
        • Problems with the battery or alternator
        • Loose electrical connections or electrical system problems
        • Problems with the cooling system pressure
        • Fuel pressure, quality, or quantity issues
        • Issues with the fuel injectors or fuel injection system
        • Emissions problems
        • Exhaust problems
        • Faulty components like relays or modules
        Until we can scan for fault codes on your Porsche we will be unable to know the problem at hand. Give us a call today so we can arrange a time to properly diagnose your vehicle.
          At The Werkstatt all repairs include:
          • All repairs include 2 year / unlimited miles warranty.
          • All repairs use Genuine Porsche / OEM parts.
          • The Werkstatt follows factory guidelines when performing repairs and maintenance services.