What does a Multi Point Inspection Cover
    When you bring your vehicle into The Werkstatt, it will receive the following checks:
    Check Fluid Level
    • Engine Oil
    • Brake Reservoir
    • Power Steering
    • Coolant Recovery Reservoir
    • Transmission (if equipped with dipstick)
    • Windshield Washer
    • Headlamp Washer
    System/Component Checks
    • Operation of horn, interior lights, exterior lights, turn signals, hazard lights and brake lights
    • Visually inspect headlamp alignment
    • Windshield washer spray, wiper operation and wiper blades
    • Windshield cracks
    • Heating, ventilation and ac check
    • Engine air cleaner filter (if accessible)
    • Inspect for possible oil and/or fluid leaks
    • CV drive axle boots (if equipped)
    • Exhaust system - check for leaks, damage and/or loose parts
    • Steering and steering linkages
    Battery Check
    • Maintaining charge
    Brake Lining Check
    • Measure front and rear brake pad linings
    Tire Check
    • Check for tire damage
    • Check and fill tire pressure to factory specs
    • Check tread depth
    At The Werkstatt all repairs include:
    • All repairs include 2 year / unlimited miles warranty.
    • All repairs use Genuine Porsche / OEM parts.
    • The Werkstatt follows factory guidelines when performing repairs and maintenance services.