The Werkstatt Story

With over 35 years combined repair and customer service experience, we are excited to build a relationship with you and your Porsche. Over the years, we talked about the ways we could create a more efficient business model while increasing customer service and satisfaction. In 2022, we decided to put our experience and ideas into action by opening The Werkstatt: an independent Porsche-centric shop dedicated to creating a positive automotive experience.

From maintaining your new Porsche to returning your Classic to a reliable driver (and all the Porsches in between) The Werkstatt has you covered! Located in Santa Monica (just west of the 405) The Werkstatt is easily accessible, or we can have your car picked up by a trusted, licensed towing operator with years of experience transporting high-end vehicles.

Hope to see you and your Porsche soon!

The Werkstatt

Master Mechanic
James Kresky
Master Mechanic
Like other gearheads, James fell in love with motorcycles and fast cars at an early age (while watching Knight Rider) and has worked in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Born and raised in Scranton, PA, James repaired electronic auto parts at a local shop during high school and later studied electronics in college. In 2000, he became an active member of the Porsche Club of Northeastern Pennsylvania. After relocating to North Carolina to work for Leith Acura as an automotive technician, he joined the local PCA chapter as well as volunteered his skills for several amateur race teams building both road race and drag race cars.
Head Service Writer
Cleo Duenas
Head Service Writer
Cleo has been a service advisor in both a dealer and aftermarket setting for 21 years. Working with customers, technicians and management she has honed her skills as a great resource. A Porsche enthusiast herself, she can be seen driving around LA in her classic 964. Hablamos Espanol!
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